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Prix Immobilier Paris

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817 625 €
3 rooms
68 sqm
430 000 €
2 rooms
37 sqm
675 200 €
3 rooms
58 sqm
640 000 €
3 rooms
58 sqm
820 000 €
3 rooms
62 sqm
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Important criteria for assessing the value of a property

To evaluate your property, there are 4 main criteria on which an expert relies. | Prix Immobilier Paris | Prix Immobilier Paris | Prix Immobilier Paris | Prix Immobilier Paris

The location

There are 3 basic principles in real estate : location, location and location. Location is the most important criterion. So if there is one important criterion to remember, it is the location of a property. When demand is more important than supply, then prices rise.

Getting the best location is not an easy task as most buyers want the same thing. If you are the proud owner of a property that is close to many local services, business parks are quickly accessible and well served by public transport. So you can expect to get a good estimate of your property. A perfect geographical orientation, a good brightness, a quiet area and a beautiful view, in this case you are in a strong position vis-à-vis buyers !

The area

Space is a luxury that not everyone can afford. The number of purchasers of real estate with an area of 100 sqm is significantly smaller than that of a 50 sqm. As a result, the price per sqm of a property of 50 sqm will be higher than that of 100 sqm. Still and always the rule of supply and demand.

However, we must not only reason in terms of mathematical calculation. A bad arrangement lowers the price estimate of a property. There is little chance that a buyer wants to take possession of a home with corridors as far as the eye can see. It is also important to remember that it is easier to sell a property of 80 sqm with two rooms than the same area with one room.

The quality of construction

The quality of construction plays an important role in the valuation of the price of a property. It is closely related to the materials used. High quality materials have a better longevity. Because we must not forget that to own a good is one thing, to maintain it is something else. Good construction can be expensive initially. But very often cheaper thereafter.

The preservation of the environment is now at the center of all concerns. Regulations in the real estate sector have evolved well. This has significantly changed the search criteria of acquirers. A good quality property is a good that lasts in time, that is cheap to maintain and that respects the environment.

The equipment

The amenities of a real estate are considered as cherry on the cakes. A kitchen well equipped, a comfortable bathroom, a balcony or terrace large enough, a protected pool, spacious parking or several w.c seduce buyers. Indeed, these are elements that make a property more attractive and therefore more expensive.

Needs change according to the periods. Climate change, the ultra-connected society or the increase in insecurity affect the valuation criteria of a property. Buyers are very sensitive to all equipment related to well-living and therefore to well-being. The right equipment and in tune with the times are driving up the price !

Real estate agencies close to the property to estimate

A professional estimate is often free. If you want to sell at the best price, with peace of mind and in a timely manner, do not hesitate to contact a real estate agent.

Average price per sqm by arrondissement of property currently for sale in Paris

This table represents the average price per sqm of all properties currently on sale in Paris. In other words, prices before negotiation from the small studio to the large luxury apartment !

Prix Immobilier Paris, estimate a property without registration

Prix Immobilier Paris analyzes in real time the various offers of properties for sale in Paris. Simple and fast to use. With only two questions and after a very fast research, we propose two estimates. The first estimate is based on the average price in the neighborhood. The second and most accurate estimate is based on the price within 250 meters of your property.

In order to be complete, we offer a selection of all sales of similar properties made since 2014 around the indicated address. The information provided comes from the DVF database (Land Value Applications). DVF data comes from notarial acts and cadastral information. They are produced by the General Directorate of Public Finance.